March 10, 2011

Senate vote brings protesters to Monument Square

Wednesday night's surprise Wisconsin Senate vote -- eliminating most collective bargaining rights held by state employees -- brought a quick response Thursday morning. More than 100 protesters marched for over an hour in Monument Square.

Former State Sen. John Lehman joined the march

Jay Warner offered a double entendre from the animal kingdom

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  1. Gee Pete, can we reallt get you to admit the truth yet and just admit that you are in the bag with labor and the Dems (but I repeat myself).

    You would not know there was anyone in Racine with a differing view.

  2. Pete, not to worry about those who claim "you are in the bag with labor and the Dems." Right is right, and if those who are against unions had any education they would know that what happens to union people is sure to come around and bite those who don't get it. Who believes the Koch brothers will raise the standard of living of the middle class?

  3. Obviously racists, old white people.

  4. This is Democracy in action. Wait until one year is up - Walker and Wanggaard will be on their way out!

  5. Nice to see those union puppets carrying their Communist Worker signs (clenched fist). Sort of tips us off to their real style of government.

  6. A weasel is one of the toughest animals pound for pound in the world. GO WALKER