February 19, 2011

VIDEO mashup of Cory Mason's speech, rally images

This was posted Saturday by Kelly Gallaher.

Text of Rep. Cory Mason's speech, delivered Wednesday night in front of the State Capitol, is HERE.

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  1. Keep up that fine unbiased coverage of one side of the story Pete! And especially the Posts pet favorite, Cory bought and paid for by the unions Mason.

    Are you still pretending to be unbiased?

  2. Awesome speech. I wish I could be in Madison.

  3. Cory,

    You don't have to back down, the unions that finance you are history. "Right To Work"!!!

  4. I am so proud of my Representative Cory Mason, thank you Cory for fighting for worker rights.

  5. Please Cory, GO AND STAY IN HIDING.

  6. YYeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! That was pretty ONE sided!!!

  7. van wanggaard still serves on the police and pire commission while serving as state senator. looks like he wants to continue giving his buddies in police and fire favors. contact the commission members and tell them what you think of van:

    Police and Fire Commission:
    Keith Rogers
    1520 Kearney Ave.
    Term Ends: May, 2015

    Chuck Tyler
    1027 Perry Ave.
    Term Ends: May, 2011

    Marie Black
    2906 Rosalind Ave.
    Term Ends: May, 2012

    Van Wanggaard
    1246 Blaine Ave.
    Term Ends: May, 2013

    Charles W. Johnson
    3801 Lighthouse Dr.
    Term Ends: May, 2014

  8. Thanks Cory!
    This is what democracy looks like!