February 19, 2011

Racine firefighters express 'deep concerns' with bill

The City of Racine Firefighters Union Executive Board sent a notice out today that it has "deep concerns over the budget adjustment bill recently introduced by Governor Scott Walker."

International Association of Firefighters Local 321 said in a statement:
Racine Firefighters understand the challenging budget times we are in. While Racine Firefighters appreciate that Governor Walker exempts Police, Firefighters and State Troopers from his budget adjustment bill, we believe the bill unnecessarily goes too far in several ways:
  • The Governor's Budget Bill prohibits the employer from collecting union dues. That provides no positive fiscal impact to the City of Racine or State of Wisconsin.
  • The Governor's Budget Bill removes Fair Share provisions from contracts. That provides no positive fiscal impact to the City of Racine or State of Wisconsin.
  • The Governor's Budget Bill requires union members to conduct annual re-certification votes to maintain the existence of the union. That provides no positive fiscal impact to the City of Racine or State of Wisconsin.
  • With regard to the fact that we are ordinary citizens who work to improve the City of Racine, better our lives and provide for our families, Racine Firefighters are similar to teachers, snow plow drivers, police officers and water utility workers.
We implore Governor Walker and our legislators to rise above union busting tactics and not erase decades of progress in labor relations that resulted in a level playing field for employers, employees and taxpayers. Governor Walker's budget adjustment bill is an attack on collective bargaining, and we respectfully request that legislators work to make a bill that is fair and that does not eliminate the ability of labor and management to work together peacefully.

Wisconsin needs to move Forward, not backward.

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  1. While I appreciate that press release from our fellow union brothers in the Fire Department, they and the Police are exempt, while all the rest of us public workers have to pay into the retirement fund and lose our worker rights. The majority of money spent on retirement in the State of Wisconsin goes to the Fire and Police employees, not the rest of us. They should have to pay their fair share also. If all the rest of us lose our bargaining rights, so should they. All public employees are important. Walker is trying to divide us and has. Regardless of your views on unions, what is going on in Madison is wrong. Most public employees are hard workers and dedicated in helping the public. They could make more money in the private sector. In fact, I would not be surprised to see many public employees leave to do just that - going to the private sector. That is, if there are any jobs available. I am an Independent and against what Walker is doing and how he is doing it. Don't rush to judgement about the Wisconsin Democratic Senators who fled Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Republican Senators did the same in the past. It works both ways. This is a game all politicans play. They don't care about us. The only time we matter is at election time. They lie to us to get votes. It is way past time the people in the United States stand up for their rights!

  2. Steve Nelson2/20/2011 2:05 PM

    van wanggaard still serves on the police and pire commission while serving as state senator. looks like he wants to continue giving his buddies in police and fire favors. contact the commission members and tell them what you think of van:

    Police and Fire Commission:
    Keith Rogers
    1520 Kearney Ave.
    Term Ends: May, 2015

    Chuck Tyler
    1027 Perry Ave.
    Term Ends: May, 2011

    Marie Black
    2906 Rosalind Ave.
    Term Ends: May, 2012

    Van Wanggaard
    1246 Blaine Ave.
    Term Ends: May, 2013

    Charles W. Johnson
    3801 Lighthouse Dr.
    Term Ends: May, 2014

  3. Walker is using all of us. How much to you want to bet the firefighters and cops are next? Just a matter of time.

  4. Union employees are nothing but whiners. How vocal were any of you when your friends, family and neighbors in non-union jobs suffered job losses, wage cuts and higher taxes due to your greed?

    You are hypocritical leeches on society!

  5. Bunch of cry baby non grateful people.....I hope when you need the fire people or police they don't show up.....A holes.

  6. There are very few jobs available today that have the retirement guarantees that the state and municipal employees feel is a "right". Most of what they are/have been complaining about is a privaledge not a right. Pay for your own insurance and all of your social security and retirement for a while and you might feel differently. I don't think you will voluntarily go to private sector jobs.