February 2, 2011

Groundhog's Day Blizzard slams Racine

So, anyone thinking spring is coming early this year?

Heavy snow and strong winds pulled the Belle City last night and into the early morning as the much-anticipated blizzard hit home with reckless abandon. Just about everyone is home today, and those who ventured out are wishing they were home. Local police departments are reporting dozens of stranded motorists this morning. Some of those stranded are rescue workers themselves.

Reports suggest Racine took the brunt of the storm, pinned between the advancing cold front and 60 mph gusts off of Lake Michigan. We're hearing people report drifts 5-feet high outside of the garages and front doors. Waves on the lake reportedly hit 10+ feet.

Snow emergencies are declared everywhere, and if you're expecting anything to be open this morning, don't. The good news is the storm is expected to clear up by noon. We may even have some sun, but the winds are expected to continue with gusto and temperatures are forecast to drop to single digits tonight. No snow is forecast for the next few days.

Just to be cruel: it's 77 degrees in Miami today.

Slideshow from the western edge of the county.

Drifts buried cars throughout the city.

People opened their front doors to piles of snow this morning.

Plows hit the streets, but entrances like this one are still buried.

24 inches by 11 p.m. last night!

Plows were out Wednesday morning. A third plow followed these two.

Snow banks reached five feet along Racine streets.

The snow was quite beautiful.
Pretty much the view of the day.

The plowing begins ...

And the shoveling.

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