January 30, 2011

City Council to declare May 14 'Migratory Bird Day' in Racine

The City Council will declare May 14 "Migratory Bird Day" at its meeting on Tuesday.

Here's the ordinance:

Whereas, migratory birds are some of the most beautiful and easily  observed wildlife that share our communities; and

Whereas, many citizens recognize and welcome migratory songbirds as  symbolic harbingers of spring; and

Whereas, these migrant species also play an important economic role in  our community, controlling insect pests and generating millions in  recreational dollars statewide; and

Whereas, migratory birds and their habitats are declining throughout the  Americas, facing a growing number of threats on their migration routes and  in both their summer and winter homes; and

Whereas, public awareness and concern are crucial components of  migratory bird conservation; and

Whereas, citizens enthusiastic about birds, informed about the threats they  face, and empowered to help address those threats can directly contribute  to maintaining health bird populations; and

Whereas, since 1993 International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) has become a primary vehicle for focusing public attention on the nearly 350 species  that travel between nesting habitats in our communities and throughout  North America and their wintering grounds in South and Central America,

Mexico, the Caribbean, and the southern U.S.; and

Whereas, hundreds of thousands of people will observe IMBD, gathering in  town squares, community centers, schools, parks, nature centers, and  wildlife refuges to learn about birds, take action to conserve them, and  simply to have fun; and

Whereas, while IMBD officially is held each year on the second Saturday in  May, its observance is not limited to a single day, and planners are  encouraged to schedule activities on the dates best suited to the presence  of both migrants and celebrants; and

Whereas, IMBD is not only a day to foster application for wild birds and to  celebrate and support migratory bird conservation, but also a call to action.

Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the City of Racine proclaim May 14,  2011, as International Migratory Bird Day in the City of Racine, and all  citizens are urged to celebrate this observance and to support efforts to  protect and conserve migratory birds and their habitats in our community and the world at large.

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  2. This is good. But where are the jobs? The city council needs to spend ALL their time on that.

  3. This is a joke. Glad to see you back Racine Post!!!!!

  4. Great to see the Post back in business! We need an alternative to Comrade John's propaganda tool, The Journal Times, and his 10 year plan.

  5. Can Dickert actually work on bringing jobs to Racine?

  6. IMHO a good idea like the idea of giving some attention to the Earth vs Dickert's Idea of destroying it, and Lake Michigan