October 18, 2010

County hiring joint dispatch director

Racine County is hiring a Joint Dispatch Director to oversee Racine County's new police, fire and paramedic dispatch system.

The full-time job is slated to pay between $63,000 and $91,000 per year. The civilian position was posted Oct. 14 after the Racine County Board approved a joint dispatch system that will including all of Racine County except the City of Burlington. The director will report to the County Executive.

Candidates must have a Bachelor's degree and five years of dispatch experience, including three years as a manager or supervisor. They must also acquire Emergency Number Professional certification within one year of taking the job.

Here's the duties and responsibilities listed for the job:
To be responsible for planning, directing and administering the overall operation of Racine County's joint dispatch system; including call-taking and dispatch functions for all law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies served by the system.
The joint dispatch system is expected to save local governments money, but it's unclear how much will be saved. Dispatcher contracts and other unknown expenses make it difficult to forecast savings, officials said.

The new dispatch system is scheduled to begin at the start of the year with Caledonia, Mount Pleasant, Sturtevant and the City of Racine joining throughout 2011. Work will begin with hiring a dispatch director.

To apply for the job, send your resume to: RCHumanResources@Racineco.com

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  1. It is good to see this going forward. It has been in the works for decades but egos often got in the way. Thank you to everyone involved in all the agencies to make this happen.

  2. Which one of Mac's buddies gets this job?

  3. Hopefully that whiny lady at the clowncil meeting who has dispatched for Racine for 33 years gets it ?

  4. Job qualification: "They must also acquire Emergency Number Professional certification within one year of taking the job."
    No one posesses that certification now???
    Typical McReynolds move. Pick a republican friend for a job and let them get qualified later.

  5. why is everyone so negative in these blogs ?

    can't you say a good thing for once, like we will be saving $$$ with this venture.

    McReynolds isn't to be rewarded or blamed for everything that happens in Racine County, just cuz he's the exec.

    It took alot of cooperation from multiple agencies to make this happen, and I say Kudos to all involved !!!

  6. I am sure Dickert has a second cousin twice removed that can be hired.

  7. A draft from Team Dickert & Company would seem to be wise choice. They have been known to be experts on "Joint" dispatching.