July 28, 2010

Hearing on Park 6's fate is delayed; Sixth Street bar may still lose liquor license

Thursday's hearing on the fate of a Sixth Street bar's liquor license was postponed Wednesday as lawyers wrangle over city information.

An attorney for Park 6 requested city emails that may assist the bar's legal defense. The city is considering the request, but won't be able to respond to it before a due-process hearing that was scheduled for 5pm Thursday.

The city is trying to take Park 6's liquor license because of persistent police calls to and near the bar. Under state law, a liquor license is the property of a bar. To remove a license, a municipality must hold a trial-like hearing with the bar represented by an attorney and the licensing committee serving as the jury. The full Common Council can then affirm or overturn the committee's decision.

Park 6, opened in 2008, is a popular weekend bar at the corner of Park and Sixth streets in Downtown Racine. It's owned by Thomas Holmes.

Holmes declined comment for this story.

Ald. Aron Wisneski, chairman of the Public Safety and Licensing Committee, said he believes the city's case against Park 6 is still strong.

"The due process hearing is still scheduled," he said.

Public and private investment in Sixth Street in recent years makes it important for the city to  address problems, Wisneski said.