July 28, 2010

City: Blue bins increase recycling

Racine's blue recycling bins are turning up green for the city.

Recycling in Racine was up 76 percent in June compared to a year ago, Public Works Director Rick Jones reported Wednesday. City residents recycled 541 tons of material in June compared to 308 tons in June 2009.

Blue recycling bins being delivered 
to the city back in May

The increase in tonnage saved the city landfill fees and generated more income through the sale of the recycled materials. The combination of savings and additional income totaled $30,296 for June, according to Jones' report. The savings exceeded the city's projection by $12,984 due largely to better-than-expected prices for the sale of recycled materials.

City residents received blue recycling bins this spring in hopes that it would increase recycling throughout Racine. Residents were charged $10 per household to pay for the bins.

So far, the new recycling program appears to be working. Not only did the first full month of using the blue bins exceed one year ago, it topped the single highest month in 2009. City residents recycled 354 tons of material in January 2009; this year's June total was 54 percent higher, Jones said.

In prepared statements, Jones and Mayor John Dickert thanked city residents Wednesday for participating in the recycling program.

The 28,500 carts cost the city $1,349,080.