June 2, 2010

Prairie student's video competing for $15,000

The Prairie School's David Sanchez is making another run at a national competition. This time he's showing off his artistic side.

Sanchez, 18, first came into the public's eye in 2008 when he competed, and won, a $10,000 grant from Best Buy  to create Job-Link Racine, a job-finding service for at-risk teenagers and the homeless. Sanchez was featured on the cover of last Sunday's Parade magazine with movie star Matthew McConaughey.

Now, he's competing in a movie competition at Talenthouse.com to win $15,000 in prizes, including new video equipment. Sanchez created a video for the band Era's new song, "Ameno." (See the video above.)

You can help Sanchez win the competition by voting for his video, and by sharing the video through Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks. He's currently in the Top 20 and was in first place with 36 hours to go before the Friday at noon deadline.

You can vote for Sanchez by texting "7G7KX2" to 53295. You're allowed one vote per mobile phone.

Update: Here's a message from David, who is planning to study at Vanderbilt next fall ...
I am interested in pursuing film in college and entered a video contest to win professional film equipment. I made a music video to the song Ameno by Era, in which I show a soccer team in training work together as a team. You can see my entry here http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/dsanchez911/113. It has come down to a TEXTING VOTE. It's very easy, very fast, and completely free to vote, just TEXT 7G7KX2 to 53295 from your cell phone.
Although it is only one vote per phone, please spread the word to others. Winning this competition could be life-changing.