June 3, 2010

Mayor to unveil new sidewalks at First Friday

Mayor John Dickert will unveil a new rubber sidewalk Friday that's expect to save money, protect the environment and increase safety. 

The walkway, or Terrewalks, is manufactured by Rubbersidewalks, Inc. Dickert has previously said he hopes to lure the Fountain City, Calif.-based company to Racine. The city already has purchased a $46,000 rubber walkway from the company for North Beach. 

Here's the full press release: 

Mayor to Unveil New Innovative Sidewalk System

RACINE – Mayor John Dickert will announce on Friday that Racine is the first city in Wisconsin to install a new sidewalk system that has the benefits of increased safety, reduced emissions, and long-term cost savings. 
Approximately 1,200 square feet of the new system will be introduced to the media and public during a 5 p.m. press conference held in Crosswalk Park – 317 Main Street, site of the new sidewalks. The press conference will help kick off this month’s Downtown Racine Corporation’s First Friday event. 
“The benefits will be immediate,” said Mayor Dickert. “We expect to see a marked decline in uplifted and broken concrete in Crosswalk Park. Visitors to our downtown area now have a safe and attractive walkway. We are already looking at other possible areas to install Terrewalks.” 
By taking this innovative approach City of Racine officials will be overcoming several environmental problems by replacing concrete pavement with Terrewalks, a product of Rubbersidewalks, Inc., which utilize recycled tires to create the sidewalks. 
“The cost savings is in the longevity of the product,” said Dan Joyce, Vice President for Rubbersidewalks. “Within 3-6 years of initial investment cities will break even on Terrewalks and in 10 years they will be saving money and resources. Above all, the City of Racine will save over the 20-year life cycle of the product in sidewalk durability, performance, and reduced injury-based lawsuits.” 
The system is also designed to protect tree roots, prolong the life of trees, allow maximum storm water capture, and provide public safety.