June 22, 2010

The other shoe falls: Diversey production to leave Racine

In October, when it was announced that 46% of JohnsonDiversey was sold by Unilever for $477 million (leaving the Johnson family with 50%) and the Johnson part of the company's name would be eliminated, we wrote that we didn't understand what all the changes meant.

But we dutifully quoted company spokesman John Matthews, who said, "We don't expect any employment changes as a result of this transaction. We have announced plans to invest in a new manufacturing plant in the Racine area, which will retain our current 80 manufacturing employees here."

Well, that was then; this is now. Now we understand. Diversey, which three years ago had 1,000 employees here, is closing its production line at Waxdale, taking with it those 80 jobs, as well as 35 more from the accounting side. There will be no new plant here, either.

The Journal Times has the full story here. And here's the Journal-Sentinel's.