June 14, 2010

Letter to the Editor: Mozol, city wrong on Laurel Clark Fountain

Alderman Mozol,


Are you kidding me? Please know that as my alderman, you do not represent me with this stance you have taken. I am embarrassed by your actions.

I find it extremely sad, embarrassing and frustrating that a city known for its entrepreneurial & innovative spirit cannot find a solution to this ridiculous situation.

Now, I read that 3 doctors from the health board commission raise questions about closing the fountain (water testing was not done? alternatives to chlorine were not explored with the state?). I am even more irritated.

"Ticketing parents to send a message" Really? This is how we want our police officers' to spend their time? This city offers only a few positive, opportunities for our children. No municipal pool. And now, no fountain. Kenosha has a wonderful fountain play area for children. Has anyone looked into how they manage to do this? Has anyone contacted the state about changing the statute or allowing alternatives to chlorine? Or, do we just say "no" because it is the easiest thing to do? I am left to wonder what the politics are behind this issue. It seems to me that there has to be some solution.

Two weeks ago, I emailed Mayor Dickert, offering to help form a committee to find viable solutions to this embarrassing issue. I offered to help secure private donations, write/email state representatives. I have not had any response.

Years ago, I was on the committee that helped bring the Kids Cove playground to North Beach. That was an amazing project, funded by private individuals and corporations, built by 100's of members of this community. That is what Racine should be known for. NOT for ticketing children and their parents for playing in a water fountain on an 85 degree summer day.

I want to be represented by an alderman to seeks positive, innovative solutions to challenges, not one quick to assign fault with parents and seek punitive measures against kids playing in water.

Jane Finkenbine

Alderman Bob Mozol responds:
The stance I am taking is to support the laws and ordinances of our city and state. There is no other way to put this. It is against the law, and dangerous; nothing more nothing less.
When someone gets hurt, or worse, the city will get sued for not doing enough, not you or I; even though we will all ultimately pay.
This has become an emotional issue that we will spend 5 times as much as we should, to address it and stop it. If it was enforced right now, it would stop this immediately.
Unfortunately the world, and all else, have had to raise people's children since they aren't doing it. This is a parental issue, and they should feel the consequences then.
So you don't want me to support the ordinances? If the laws change, so will my feelings then.