June 14, 2010

Free health care power of attorneys given away at Kortendick's

Over 300 free health care power of attorneys were given away at Kortendick’s Ace Hardware on Douglas Avenue during each Saturday in the month of May, according to Elder Law Attorney Timothy P. Crawford.

Free health care power of attorneys will be distributed in the future at other area locations throughout the year. Everyone needs a Health Care Power of Attorney. Once a person becomes 18 years old they are considered an adult and the parents lose their right to make a decision for their child unless the child has a health care power of attorney.

Signing a health care power of attorney can be more important to your personal well being than signing a will. This power of attorney allows you to pick someone you trust to handle your medical affairs if you cannot make decisions for yourself. It can provide peace of mind to know that someone you choose will have the authority to act for you when you can’t act for yourself. If you don't have a power of attorney and you are suddenly incapacitated, your family may have to go through an expensive and time-consuming court proceeding to appoint a guardian to make decisions for you.