March 17, 2010

New Racine league brings flag football to the spring

A new flag football league debuting in Racine this spring is bringing some contact to local rec football.

The Racine Flag Football League, created by league founder Zach Hansen, will feature full-contact blocking with three-man lines. That's a change from other city leagues, which don't allow a full pass rush.

Hansen said local players were looking for a flag football league with a little more contact.

"We're looking to make a fun, competitive league that's a little different than what's out there," said Hansen, who has played in several local football leagues, but is running his first one.

Hansen, a Racine native, has ambitious plans for the league. He's hoping to draw 14 teams to play a four-month season starting April 24. All games will be played at Lockwood Park and include paid referees and individual stat-keepers.

Hansen is charging $700 per team for the season, which he said should be enough to break even.

"I'm not trying to make money on the league," he said. "It's a lot more expensive to run than people think."

Along with the referees, Hansen also needs to rent the fields at Lockwood and buy flag equipment. He's also  planning a banquet at the end of the season to give out individual and team awards. The banquet will include individual skills competitions to test the fastest league players and who has the biggest throwing arm.

Hansen said he chose spring for the Racine Flag Football League so it won't compete with existing leagues in Racine or Kenosha.

"We're filling the early season gap for football," Hansen said.

For more information about the Racine Flag Football League, visit:


  1. Really dumb. Time to grow up and stop fantasizing about being NFL players fellas...Lol.

  2. Only reason you think it's dumb is, either you are so out of shap and couldn't play yourself, or you just suck completely, and were cut from a team. Maybe it is time for you to get outside and become active.

  3. HA........