December 15, 2009

Sports jersey store in Racine offers discount to collect toys for kids in need

Jimmie Ross at Fantasy Sports, 1351 Lathrop Ave.

Jimmie Ross, the owner of Fantasy Sports at 1351 Lathrop Ave., is looking to help some kids in needs this Christmas. To do it, he's offering to help his customers, too.

If you bring in a new toy to Fantasy Sports before Christmas, he'll give you an extra 15 percent off any jersey, hat or other sports-related item in the store. It's a great deal considering Ross is already offering 25 percent off store merchandise. With a new toy (bring something you'd give to your own child, Ross asked), shoppers can receive 40 percent off. Authentic NFL jerseys selling for $129.99 can be had for $77.99, which is a competitive price in the area.

"If you go to other stores you can get a printed jersey for that much, and those will fade after washing a few times," Ross said.

But while sales will be nice for the new store - Ross and his wife, Deborah, opened Fantasy Sports on Sept. 5 - he's emphasizing the toy drive as a way to help kids in need.

Ross got the idea as a way to teaching his 8-year-old son the importance of helping others. "I wanted to show him a different meaning of Christmas," he said. "It's more than receiving gifts."

Fantasy Sports, located at the corner of Lathrop and Wright avenues, is a sports jersey store featuring garb from NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL teams. Ross, a Louisiana native and New Orlean Saints fan, got the idea for the store after friends started paying him to track down obscure jerseys. With his wife's support, the service turned into a full-time business.

The store is packed with jerseys from several NFL teams, including the Green Bay Packers. Despite the Packers' success this year, Ross said the No. 1-selling jersey is still Brett Favre. He has Favre jerseys for the Vikings and the Packers, the latter for Favre fans who can't bring themselves to wear purple and gold.

(Interestingly, Ross said an increasingly popular Packers request is rookie linebacker Clay Matthews Jr. Unfortunately, those jerseys are hard to come by, at least for now, he said.)

Along with jerseys, Ross has a nice collection of unique New Era hats. With the 40 percent discount, you can get one of the hats for $15.

While the 15 percent new toy discount expires at Christmas, Ross said, Fantasy Sports' 25 percent off sale will run through the end of the year.

Looking ahead to 2010, Ross said he planned on adding soccer jerseys. He's also hoping to lure the Milwaukee Bucks' Brandon Jennings to Racine. Ross was good friends with Jennings' late father, and he's a fourth cousin of the star point guard.

Visit Fantasy Sports at 1351 Lathrop Ave. or give Jimmie Ross a call at (262) 412-1154.


  1. Good luck to them, I think that part of the building has been empty for a while. It once housed Golded Chicken.

  2. I have purchased items from this gentlemen in the past abd can tell you he is "TOP NOTCH"! Good luck Jimmie hope this venture is sucessful.

  3. I would like to wish this young man the best of luck, unfortunate that I already have my Xmas shopping done! And thanks to Dustin for once again doing an article about new business in town!

  4. I bought a Jersey about two weeks ago from him and was in Gurnee Mills last week and the same Jersey was $10 more. You Rock Jimmy! The quality of merchandise is Bar None. Thank you!!!!!!!

  5. I bought a Jersey about two weeks ago from him and was in Gurnee Mills last week and the same Jersey was $10 more. You Rock Jimmy! The quality of merchandise is Bar None. Thank you!!!!!!!

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  8. The jerseys found in this store are not authentic. I had a Matthews jersey that had the numbers ruined just by simply washing and exchanged for a different jersey and is really poor quality, there is stitching coming loose and it is all poor quality. None of the stitches are straight the nfl badge is poor quality, not like the ones you would find on an acutal authentic jersey, a lot of the details are incorrect. the name on the back has uneven spacing between letters. I will never buy another thing from this store and would not recommend it to anybody. Just stop and take a look for yourself, one jersey to the next the details differ, from different material of numbers on jerseys that are supposed to be the same, to even the colors dont match from one jersey to the next.

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