December 19, 2009

Downtown's pajama party: Are we having fun yet?

Could they be having any more fun? Dover Flag's
Tina Labre, Jo Labre and Jeanne Melenric-Ehn
(Hint: A layer of bubblewrap helped.)

Downtown merchants' Shopping Jam -- otherwise known as a pajama party! -- got off to an early start.

By 5:15 a.m., when the first of Plumb Gold's staff arrived for work Saturday, more than a dozen customers were lined up outside the store's front door, damn the cold! The jewelry store clearly had hit a home run with its Shopping Jam promotional item: a free sterling silver bracelet to the first five customers. (The early bird, by the way, was smart enough to park in front of the store and wait -- warmly -- in his car!)

There wasn't quite the same rush at other downtown stores -- but all appeared to have customers during the come-in-your-PJ's party that ran from an unholy 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and beyond -- as long as the special offers and free goodies held out (superb muffins at Cup of HOPES!) And, from the look of shoppers wandering around downtown with shopping bags on their arms, these were paying customers.

As our pictures show, everyone was having a good time.

Here's Plumb Gold's staff; props to Austin Schultz for having
the courage to show up in that bathrobe (I'd hide behind shades, too!)
The girls are Abby Cobb, Becky Thompsen and Abi Steger

Music at Molly Magruder: Jeff Ward played the guitar for his wife, Dorothy

Customer hid her face, but Chris Sklba was proud of his 'jammies

Meanwhile, Santa soaked in a warm tub outside Common Scents


  1. Jeff - next time wear a nighty.

  2. OK - the downtown Racine shop owners appear to have had fun, but did that bring the thousands of South East Wisconsin residents to spend their Christmas funds?

    The snow sculpting event was terrific. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the excellent designs.

  3. Thanks to all the stores who were part of this for being open/participating, the great breakfast served at all, and the discounts given. I was there really early and was lucky enough to be one of the first five at Plumb Gold and won a beautiful bracelet. I finished my Christmas shopping that morning with the help of Sheepish, Dover Flag and Copecetic. The bracelet is for me...Thanks again and please offer this again next year.

  4. 7:07 Thanks to you for taking advantage of some of the great shops downtown. Instead of complaining about Racine like most the posters out here, you went down and supported the merchants which ultimately helps the city. Have a great holiday.