October 29, 2009

What did you bring me from Washington, daddy?

Want to see a copy of the Democratic Party's 1,990-page health care bill, introduced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Thursday?


Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI, 1st District, says he'd love to leave a copy of "Pelosi's massive health care overhaul" at each of the First District's libraries. But he can't. The airline on his flight back to Wisconsin "only allowed one carry-on item."


Instead, Ryan will drop off a single copy of the health care bill at the Franklin Public Library today at 11 a.m. His fellow Republican, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, 5th District, will drop one off at the Elm Grove Library on Saturday morning.

Ryan and Sensenbrenner shared a press release to share this tidbit of Republican Congressional humor. Blame the damn airlines.

But if you really want to read the bill -- which we're pretty sure few Republicans have managed to do yet -- it's online here. All 1,990 pages. Who loves ya, Baby?


  1. I guess Ryan needs to learn what a photo copier is

  2. You need to learn how to download something.

  3. Fight the power fight Obama!

  4. Pete - the Democrat's vote on bills they haven't even read - why single out the Republican's. Oh, that's right you are a left winged socialist. This Post really sucks.

  5. Paul Ryan is such a toad. He took the time to issue a joint press release on this when he knows it is online.

    Sounds like he has a little too much time on his hands.

  6. I'm starting to think that Ryan is the biggest cry baby b!tch in Congress right now.

  7. 8:56 - you must be referring to the bitch Pelosi.

  8. Maybe Ryan needs to buy a Kindle. I'm carrying the bill around along with a couple dozen other books.

    Put up or shut up, Paul. Oh wait, the Republicans don't have a plan so they haven't fed you anything specific to say.

  9. Nice limousine liberal stance - buy a Kindle. I can't afford a Kindle.

  10. I was talking about Ryan buying a Kindle. He could read the bill (which he probably won't do) on the plane AND leave the PDF with the library when he got back.

    I thought the liberal stance was the government buys everyone Kindles with rich people's money? Make up your mind.

  11. When I read the title of this article I thought it was about Dickert's trip to Washington with his secretary. What did he bring back?

  12. Payl Ryan sounds like that annoying kid that hides behind the teacher on the playground and points at everyone doing something he doesn't like. You know that kid....the one that talks trash and then hides when it is time to fight, trying to get everyone else in trouble.

    What a stringy little whimp. He's probably laughing with his moron staff about how smart and hip they are. $10 says a high-five was involved along with a "we rule!".

    I didn't realize I was being represented by an immature teenager. Stop wasting our time Ryan and chip in on solutions for once.

  13. Hey Pete

    Why not call up Paul Ryan's office and ask them how much taxpayer time was wasted coming up with this stupid stunt of a press release.

    I'd like to know.

  14. 11:01

    Why bother reading the Bill anyway. It's Obama he can do no wrong

  15. Anon 10:39, do you mean Ryan is just like the cowards that hide behind the "Anonymous" tag on this post and point fingers at everyone they don't like and talk trash, like you?

  16. Paul Ryan thinks it's funny that the House bill is nearly 1000 pages long, from a guy who's own proposal for health care was whopping 14 pages long and a star in the GOP who's bailout plan was a stunning 3 pages long to give away 700 billion.

    You don't have to sweat the actual details when you're just a pretty, empty suit.

    Who knew he was such a tree-hugger?

  17. T its 2000 pages and full of garbage. Read it for yourself because none of the elected will

  18. Dan, the bill is not full of garbage and it is not easy to read either, not unlike reading other huge complicated bills.

    Many Congressman have read it and continue to read updates and amendments as it changes. Also there is not one bill, like the prop Paul Ryan uses, there are five committee bills that are being combined and developed as we speak.

    Each bill has some very good legislative points from a reform standpoint: Insurance Companies can't drop you if you become sick, cannot deny you coverage because of pre-existing conditions, control premium costs which have lead to enormous profits while providing less coverage. But if you think that is "garbage" then thank you for your insightful, factbased arguement.

    Bills short enough to read on the commode might as well be written on toilet paper too, like the GOP generated 3 page bailout. They provide no oversight, no detail, no rules and no longterm plan.

    The truth is many of the amendments in the House bill are things that Ryan advocated for like cost controls, but he won't tell you that because he wants you to think it's a failure.

    Pretty, empty suit playing political games with our future.

  19. The Racine Left Post strikes again.

  20. Have the Democrat leaders allowed any Republican amendments, or even proposals, in?

    Which branch(es) of the government does any in the Republican Party lead or control?

    Have any of the leaders in the Democrat Party acknowledged that they need help, asked for help, sought out help, or even listened to ideas that did not originate from those in the Democrat Party?

    I am still waiting for a credible answer from the Democrat Party leadership as to why there is no semblance of tort reform in the health insurance reform bills. "We'll get to it after this is passed" is not a credible answer, especially since they have provided no ideas as to what, and when, that may be.

    Throwing stones seldom works, throwing gravel dust never does!

    I have not heard of one person who could prove that their health insurance coverage was dropped because they "got sick".

    I have not heard of one person who could prove that they were not offered any health insurance.

    I have not heard one legislator state what profit margin (% of gross income/sales) any insurance company should be allowed to have/keep.

    I have not heard one legislator state how health care for non-citizens will be provided/paid for.

    What is included- prescriptions, long term care, eye/vision, mental, addiction, palliative care, dental, orthodontic?

    I am on Medicare and my wife works. Will I be required to enroll in (and pay for) her (Company's)insurance plan? If she goes on the "national health insurance plan" will I be required to enroll and pay for it too?

    Should I keep asking questions?

  21. PR,

    I can't see how someone on Medicare, a government-run health insurance program, would wish to deny similar coverage to others.

    It's a classic case of, "I got mine, now screw you!"

  22. Ditto, members of Congress and senators, with their government-run Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP).

    Not for the average citizen, though. Can't allow such good benefits for them.