October 31, 2009

A night for kids, but adults got the real treat

Spirits roamed the neighborhoods Saturday night, but they were mostly benign. There were a few witches, to be sure, but no fire burn or cauldron bubble.

Edvard Munch's Scream rang the doorbell, but so did Little Bo Peep, a fireman -- even a couple of bananas. There were ninjas, princesses, even Tigger. The kids came on foot, by wagon and baby carriage (the youngest to visit my house was five months old, warmly bundled and half-wearing a gorilla mask). One little girl came by on the back of a bicycle built for two, with her dad.

As in past years, there were no tricks. Just the treat of seeing a lot of adorable kids (and hearing their mothers in the background whispering, "Say, 'Thank you!' ") Most of the kids did, too.

Buddy, a Westie, came as a half-peeled banana


  1. Halloween is celebrated as WHAT?? All satins day?? In a country that was founded on Judao/Christian values I find it a great insult to my faith to take part is a holiday that celebrates demons and fantasy. In a country that our president covers up Christian symbols behind him at a speech, doesn't put his hand over his heart at a singing of the National Anthem and votes three times against giving infants medical care when they survive an abortion I find this day an abomination. Some people find a Cross offensive that has been sitting on public land for forty years but don't find celebrating the indoctrination of evil into our children's lives offensive. HUTA

  2. I am just one racinian who thinks anonymous seriously needs to get out of the basement once in a while and get over himself.

  3. Seriously anon 7:25 - perspective, please. Halloween doesn't celebrate demons. Fantasy, maybe - but there's nothing evil about fantasy.

  4. anon 7:25's post made me laugh.

  5. And i thought Halloween was just costumes and candy.

  6. SOMEONE must have gotten those big orange peanuts for Halloween...that's enough to turn anyone's holiday into a political platform.

    Seriously, let kids have their fun.