October 22, 2009

Need a grill?

OIC of Racine County is looking for some help getting rid of a brand new grill. If you're in the market, this looks like a pretty good deal:
This Grill Must Go!!!

OIC of Racine County is trying to get rid of a brand new Ducane Gas Grill to free up classroom space. It's a full size gas grill, made of Straubelstone, so it is HEAVY. Fair market value was $980.00. Some parts may be needed. We will accept $250 for immediate removal, on a first come first served basis. Call (262) 636-3818.


  1. So now we've degenerated to "Trade-io" the former WRJN Staurday Morning "Feature"?

  2. I wish ... that was a great show!

  3. I remember my Granny sitting in her kitchen listening to Tradeio. She listened to WRJN all the time. I grew up listening to Gary Suhr and developed an appreciation for the "just the facts" style of radio hard news reporting. You still get that from Tom and the news staff over there. If you want good old fashioned hard news - who, what, why, where, and when - journalism, WRJN was and is the place to go for local news.

    Dustin could do a lot worse than emulating WRJN.

    On another note, Tradeio was ahead of its time. It was a local Craigslist long before Al Gore invented the internet.

  4. I agree, Greg! Tom and Janet are the two best, hardest working journalists in Racine and Kenosha. They are definitely models to emulate.

  5. How did OIC get this grill? Don't they get money from the city? Was it bought with grant money? Something doesn't sound right.

    Plus what jobs have they been doing for the work grant money.

  6. Claudius Adebayo10/23/2009 4:05 PM

    The Ducane gas grill was donated to OIC by a store that was going out of business. It was delivered over Xmas break by the gentleman who recommended OIC to the store for the gift. I am proud to say that in the 21 years this OIC has been in Racine, our financial audits have been super-clean. Our day-to-day accounting is done by a reputable CPA that fully understands OMB Circular A-122. I am a certified trainer in A-122 also and in Uniform Administrative Requirements that emphasizes what are allowable (and what are not) in spending grant money.

    Yes, OIC got some CDBG money in 2007 to buy some computers and every penny had been properly accounted for by our accountants, audited by our auditors and as required by law, further audited by the City of Racine.

    As to what we had been doing with grant monies, all our programs are scrutinized for achievement of goals and objectives by the funding agencies, corporate donors and the OIC of America. In all cases, we have always been a top performer. And we welcome and encourage people to stop in and make enquiries about these issues. There is no need to hide behind anonimity to insinuate or make cynical statements.

  7. Do brat's come with the grill?