September 25, 2009

Property Transfers: Yorkville home sells for $675,000

Property Transfers, Sept. 14-18 in Racine County (Click for interactive map)

Update: We followed up on the Burger King sale to see if it was involved with the I-94 expansion project that's underway. Emlynn Grisar, of WisDOT, said it wasn't. The state doesn't need to buy the Burger King to make way for the wider interstate, she said.

Grisar also noted construction work at Highway 20 and I-94 isn't scheduled to begin until 2014.

Original post: A beautiful 5-bedroom, 5.5-bath home in Yorkville sold recently for $625,000, according to Racine County's property transfers.

The two-story house on 10.44 acres of land at 1725 51st Drive was assessed this year at $593,000. You can see pictures here.

The Yorkville home was the top seller in Racine County recorded between Sept. 14 and 18. The second highest-priced sale was the Burger King at 13348 Washington Ave. The building, located near the on-ramp to Interstate 94, sold for $543,000.

The low-priced sale of the week was at 1901 Linden Ave. The home, assessed at $91,000, sold for $8,900.

Property Transfers, Sept. 7-11
Property Transfers, Aug. 30 - Sept. 4


  1. Dustin and Pete - so a house sold for $675,000 - what's the hidden point of your headline - you guys are disgusting.

  2. 8:22, either I am completely missing something, or you have seriously lost touch with reality. Either way, it gave me a great laugh so thanks.

    This could be fun, actually. Just add the "what's the hidden point of your headline - you guys are disgusting" comment randomly to stories on this site. Good times.

  3. Hey guys, have you quit posting property transfers? The last posting was in September. I am curious about a house in my neighborhood which sold recently. Any chance you will be updating the list anytime soon? Thanks