September 11, 2009

Local LGBT Center sponsors billboard on Highway 32

The Racine/Kenosha LGBT Center announced Friday it was sponsoring a billboard on Highway 32 promoting the website, Here's the press release from the center (billboard pictured above):
The bright new billboard on Highway 32 just south of County Line Road (KR) shows smiling men, women and children of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, marital status, and sexual orientations.

Whether they’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, the stated message remains unchanged: “Family. It’s all about love!”

Sponsored by the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin in partnership with the Cream City Foundation and nearly 40 community organizations, the billboard facing north, 400 feet south of County Road KR in Kenosha/Racine, is one of many to be found throughout the metropolitan Milwaukee area as part of Cream City Foundation’s Gay Neighbor campaign.

Transit signs, paper and digital billboards, and Spanish language signage direct commuters and passersby to, where they are encouraged to learn more about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) issues and to read stories of real-life LGBT people or the people that love them actually living within our community.

“Putting a face on an issue that some people may find complicated or difficult to comprehend often helps us to realize how much we have in common and how petty some of our differences really may be,” says Dr. Bruce Joffe, the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin’s Executive Director. “That’s why we wanted to sponsor this message on such a busy road in our area: to promote our shared humanity and values held in common.”

In addition to Racine and Kenosha, commuter freeway routes in Milwaukee and the Ozaukee and Waukesha suburbs are heralding this same themed message.

“The Gay Neighbor billboard media are part of a public education campaign that challenges stereotypes about gay families in Southeastern Wisconsin by asking people to take a look at what a gay family really looks like,” says Cream City Foundation’s Executive Director María Cadenas. “These billboard images of real neighbors illustrate our shared values of love, family, and commitment—emphasizing fairness for everyone, including gay and transgender people and their families.”

The billboards will remain up at least throughout September.

This is the second consecutive year that Southeastern Wisconsin has seen Gay Neighbor billboards and media aimed at creating more LGBT-friendly allies.


  1. How many of those in the picture are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?

  2. Really don't want to have to explain that to my 6 year old. Geez.

  3. This is a load of crap. This LGBT billboard, just like those in Milwaukee, are nothing but an ad for recruitment. It's the easiest way to target young people en-mass. These immoral, perverted, sick individuals should go back in the closet. NO ONE'S sex life needs to be advertised or expressed on street corners or on billboards, whether they're homosexual OR heterosexual. Sex belongs in the bedroom, not on public roads! Dress up all you perverts want to in your clown suits and speedos, but keep it off the public streets and quit trying to recruit and subvert our young people!

  4. If this said "Ask us about our faith and family" the LGBT and the other ticked off groups would be all up in arms

  5. hey 11;57
    Wake Up!! You can't recruit anyone to be gay or else there would be a lot more gay people in the world.
    I don't see any one having sex in this bill board. Must be in your dirty little mind.

  6. I think it is a beautiful billboard!

  7. Thank you for the laugh (Anonymous @ 11:57 am)! Good stuff. You really are out of touch with reality.

  8. Tim the Shrubber9/11/2009 1:18 PM

    "...are nothing but an ad for recruitment. It's the easiest way to target young people en-mass."

    ROTFLMAO. Epic logic fail.

    "If this said 'Ask us about our faith and family' the LGBT and the other ticked off groups would be all up in arms"

    I dunno...that slogan could be used by GayNeighbor.Org. Pleanty of religious gay people out there, even if there are not many churches for them to go to.

  9. Dear Anonymous at 11:57,

    You need a hug. Would you like a hug? Because it seems to me you could use a little love in your life.

  10. Anon 11:57 Said "NO ONE'S sex life needs to be advertised or expressed on street corners or on billboards, whether they're homosexual OR heterosexual."

    Why aren't you outraged about the GOP official with the open mike talking about eye patch [scanty] underwear and spanking a lobbyist in kinky sex! This billboard is nice, not sleazy like the GOP perverts are.

  11. Anonymous 11:52,

    Just tell your 6-year-old they're members of loving families, who enjoy their neighbors, and they're gay.

    All true.

  12. 11:57 and 11:52 you are living in a fantasy world. Too much wing nut radio will do that to you. This is a great bill board with a wonderful message, learn from it.

  13. Bruce Joffe is a cancer in the this community. Mark my words he is trouble.

  14. Recruitment??!! To be gay is not a choice one makes, like going off to fight in a war, changing majors in college, or moving to a new city. Seems you are nervous about who your neighbors might really be. Hmmm, I surely enjoy my friends and neighbors more that are of the LGBT community, far more, than the ones that could be running crack houses, convicted sex offenders, or wife beaters.

    Get a grip, and look around, some of your closest friends and neighbors may really be...

    Thank you, Dr. Joffe, for continuing to attempt to enlighten and bring change to our community. The last 8 years are gone, hate is not a family value.

  15. There are many people who want to have a happy life with someone they love but they live in fear because of people like you. The center offers a source of light to these people. Just as any other cultural center creates a sense of community, the LGBT center offers people with similar stories a place to share and be themselves. It is not about sex or religion or right or wrong. It's about being human and wanting happiness and love during this short gift we have called life.

    P.S. Dan 10:56 - yours is a threatening statement that you should consider withdrawing.

  16. Dan 10:56 is right on. I fully agree with him. The statement he made is the truth.

  17. Dan 10:56 & Anonymous 11:20 ... should I consider your comments implied threats and report you to the local police department? Maybe I should buy and carry a gun (perish the thought!) for my own self-protection? Or, better yet, perhaps I can employ a posse of strong-armed lesbians or guard services provided by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence? Please: if you have a reasonable, rational comment or observation, say so. But don't use this space to stoke the fires of contention and make, what may be considered, serious threats.--Bruce Joffe, Ph.D., Executive Director, LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin

  18. Bruce - those comments might have been nasty but only someone who is quick to jump to a victim status could even PRETEND that they were "threats". I have been to your center, think you are a nice person, and agree with the center's purpose - but don't try to "win" by claiming victimhood.

  19. Calling you a cancer is not a threat, even though you are a cancer.

    It is NOT OK to explain to a 6 year old what being gay is. When will people in this sick, twisted, secular and God-less culture STOP trying to sexualize our kids? That's what it is - getting our kids to think about sex and find a sexual identity when they still should be playing with dolls and toy trucks.

    It's all this Hannah Montana crap (mini whore) and letting 8 year olds play Guitar Hero. And then we wonder why there's child molestation out there - little girls are dressed like little whores and men see this and lower their bar. And ditto for little boys - creepy homos see slicked up little boys who don't know how to be real boys (because we're too busy showing them how to be non-bullying, effeminized, sensitive kids) and we wonder why they victimize them?

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! Everything you're doing as concerns "teaching" sex with kids these days is 100% wrong. What ever happened to finding out your sexual identity the old-fashioned way - you go through puberty and when you see a certain someone and get a certain tingly feeling - that's how you know. Trust me, it will happen, you don't need to push the envelope, people become sexual anyway. Kids don't need to be thinking about this stuff before they need to.

    ON a side note - show me ONE homosexual who wasn't: sexually abused by an adult or sibling, inappropriately exposed to pornography or illicit sexual activity at a young age, and/or raised in a broken home (broken meaning all kinds of thigs like divorce, alcoholism, etc.) - and I will show you the rarest of all homosexuals. Homosexuality comes from human, environemntal perversion of normal psychological influences. You are not born gay. Note that I'm not saying any of this is the gay person's fault. But a fact is a fact. I hung out with gay people for years and not a single one I knew had a normal upbringing, even if it looked "normal" from the outside. The vast majority of homosexuals (especially men) were sexually abused by another man. Trust me, it's true, but the homosexual lobby will deny it until the cows come home. Wouldn't want to tell the truth.

  20. Oh, and something else: It's one thing to know that some kids live in families that have gay parents and IF your child happens to come into contact with that family explaining it to your child.

    It's another thing to stick a billboard up on a major thoroughfare, shoving it in people's faces, expecially kids, who CAN read and are naturally curious. I would resent the hell out of anyone who forced such imagery and text on my kids - just like even while I am 100% anti-abortion, I resent the hell out of people who protest abortion clinics (good thing) holding up pictures of mangled pre-term babies (not a good thing.)

    There are supposed to be standards of decency and respect in public spaces specifically because of KIDS. There are certain topics that ONLY (hear me Bruce and others?) ONLY ONLY ONLY *PARENTS* are gifted with the responsibility of teaching and introducing and discussing with our kids. Stop trying to hijack our God-given job.

    This billboard is a cheap, obvious shot at trying to force the gay discussion onto kids.

  21. Thank you, Charlotte, for making the points I was thinking of here, and for standing up for kids. When some group like this takes taxpayer money to open a seemingly innocuous "center" and the next thing you know they're throwing homosexual recruiting notices where real families pass with the children they're trying to protect, decent people need to stand up and speak out.

    Let me add one point...the rhetoric on or about this sign - all the syrupy schlock about "shared values" - is an attempt to set up normal people as being bigoted if they don't swallow the gay agenda whole. Let me point out that we do not share the values of these people.

    Why? We live our family lives according to nature, they live theirs against same. I could spell it out but think about biology. You want me to have to explain that to a kid driving by? No way. I would explain it as a perversion of family life that is trying to take on a sweet face, but is nevertheless wrong.

  22. Whew!

    I seriously doubt a 6-year-old's going to think much about it. Those gay people look, well, gay (as in happy, too).

    Don't want to tell you how to raise your kids, but as a parent, I'd advise you may wish to be careful you're not brining a devious imprint to the table.

    Gay or straight, kids will discover sexuality at some point, but all this baggage probably passes right by a 6-year-old, so don't sweat it so much.

    You can probably explain it all later.

  23. Charlotte,

    I grew up in a normal (Mom, Dad, siblings) middle class family here in Racine. Dad worked in a factory and Mom worked at raising kids.
    I still grew up gay.
    The only cancer in society is narrow minded and parinoid people like you.
    I agree that we ned to renew our standards of civility. But that includes accepting those that live around us.

  24. I'm surprised Pete and Dustin do not appear on that board.

  25. come on how does the baby fit in to this picture.

  26. Well, liberal Racine just doesn't ever change!! Thank God I do not have to explain that display to young children. If YOU want, or think you were born different...why do you have to flaunt it in everyone elses face? Just one more sad day in Racine/Kenosha once again. It makes me love northern Wisconsin even more....

  27. Tim the Shrubber9/14/2009 9:00 AM

    "When will people in this sick, twisted, secular and God-less culture STOP trying to sexualize our kids?"

    1. Hmmmm...look in the mirror before calling people Godless. I don't hear much of Jesus' love and grace in your words.

    2. This billboard has nothing to do with "trying to sexualize our kids". That is a complete red herring, and I think you probably know it. By bring up children you are trying deflect that fact that the billboard is really about you.

  28. Charlotte -
    My brother and I come from a very normal family - almost too normal. My parents are still married and did nothing but love a support us. Our family was religious but not fanatical. Neither one of us experienced anything bad, other than the natural occurrences of childhood like falling off our bikes, etc. My brother is gay and I am not. My parents accept us both as we are and are happy to support whatever our journeys may be. I think this is a wonderful billboard and is not sexual in nature at all. It is just depicting an idea of family that is obviously not 100% supported in Racine yet.

  29. Anon 7:59

    Gay couples have children. Welcome to the 21st centry.

  30. 9:43 - what's normal?

  31. Ok, so a bit off topic here but Charlotte has me wondering - what does letting an 8 year old play Guitar Hero do to a child?

  32. We'll have a gay old time!

  33. As a married lesbian, I applaud the billboard. As to the parent that wonders what to tell their six year old, what do you think, they'll grow up and NEVER run into a gay person EVER?

    For those anonymous posters who are filled with hate, when I say my prayers tonight, I ask the Lord to have mercy on your souls and to take the hatred from you. Life must be so difficult when you have that much hatred sitting on your heart.


  34. My daughter plays Guitar Hero with her kids all the time, and they have a great time together.

    What's the problem?

  35. Julie - marraige of gay individuals is not recognized in Wisconsin - I have no problem with you having a partner.

  36. Anon 10:42, no, gay couples DO NOT have children. They are people who have had children with other people of the OPPOSITE sex and brought the children into a homosexual setting. Go back to school and study Biology 101; homosexual couples do not have children.

    For those who say Sodom and Gamorrah were only destroyed because the angels couldn't find enough righteous people to save them, why not read the whole passage? God specifically mentioned the abomination of men sleeping with men. It's in there, I've read it. Why don't you? Where do you think the term "somdomy" came from? It's named after the abomination of Sodom!

    Homosexuality is contrary to the laws of nature and an abomination to God (or should I say an "Obamanation" because he's bi-sexual). It is wrong, it is perverse, it is something that young people experiment with as they grow up and make a literal conscious choice about.

    Homosexuality has never been accepted by society until the stinking liberals and homos raised a stink about it. In many of the Middle Eastern countries people of that persuasion are put to death. I'm not so sure that's a bad thing because it keeps them from recruiting and perverting children. You'd never see a billboard like that in the Middle East. It's sad that we have them here.

    Charlotte, you're my hero!

  37. Julie, the Lord won't hear your prayers until you repent and give up your perverted lifestyle.

  38. 12:58 - my Lord accepts everyone.

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