September 10, 2009

If you like rummage sales, don't miss this one!

In January we told you of the sale of Racine's historic Fire Station No. 1, located on Racine Street, to become part of SC Johnson's buffer around its corporate headquarters. SCJ has said it will preserve the building, constructed in the early 1900s.

Still, this weekend may be your best chance to take a closer look at the building, as owner, Roger Olshanski, cleans it out and gets rid of some of his .... um, stuff. Olshanski is a collector, accumulator, packrat with eclectic tastes, and he's been filling the cavernous fire station with his finds for almost 30 years. Stuff like swords, books, pictures, 4-foot long inflatable Budweiser dirigibles, statuary, paintings.... Amazing stuff, and an amazing amount of it. (But not the painting Olshanski bought for $20 and later sold for over $1 million...)

Bridget Thoresen of the Journal Times did a nice story on Olshanski last week.

Anyway, Olshanki, having sold the fire station, is now selling some of his stuff. The fire station is open today through Saturday, and Olshanski is on hand to give you a good price on whatever catches your eye. Trust me, I did not enter the firehouse to buy anything, only to gawk, but I left with the lovely metal Christmas decoration below. Olshanki quoted me a price I just could not resist. Even my wife was impressed. Olshanski says he'll be putting out additional stuff as the sale progresses. I think that was meant to bring me back...

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  1. I imagine the 4-foot long inflatable Budweiser dirigibles would be cheaper than hiring a plane to tow a sign. He he he