June 13, 2009

Treasures at the Monument Square Art Fair

McKenzie Burns, 6, of Racine finds a print she likes

As usual, Mother Nature toyed with us Saturday, stating the morning off with rain, and scaring the pants off the 120 artists scheduled to be at the 16th Annual Monument Square Art Fair (which hasn't been held on Monument Square for years.)

But she took pity on them -- and on hordes of art lovers -- by bringing out the sunshine early in the afternoon, making Festival Park a lovely place to spend a few hours admiring incredible local talent, and perhaps buying a thing or two or three.

For me, the fun lies in talking to the artists: learning, for example, how Sam Carter makes his lovely elliptical wooden furniture (CNC machine, carefully matched veneer flitches, hand-forged metalwork), or how LaMont Kraft, a retired history teacher, takes his gorgeous nature photographs (Nikon, tripod, long lens, patience).

The art fair will continue on Sunday -- from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

'It's going right over the bathtub,' she said.
Hand-framed photo on canvas by Shirley and Jimmy Longfellow.

Kimball Hardin and Michael Rudin couldn't choose;
bought both glass panels from Mark Wilson

Bill Reid with 'Halo Watermelion' (Yours for just $4,000.) More here.

Kim Johnson explains husband Herb's metal sculptures to a customer,
while his creatures, like the big fish in the foreground, keep watch

Chris Wawro takes these incredible aerial photos while piloting his plane

Ice cream and art; what could be better?

Colorful hats by Pam Siehr

Bird by Diana Sullivan

Mermaid by Donna Ziegler. More here.

The Colin Powell Rule takes effect: You break it, you buy it.

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  1. Racine Post - nice photographs of this great event.