June 9, 2009

21st Century Prep promotes its latest 8th graders

For just the third time ever, Racine's 21st Century Preparatory School held a promotion ceremony.

On Tuesday, the charter school that began life as a K-4 school in 2002, adding a grade a year until it became K-8, sent its third class of eighth graders off to high school. There were 28 in all, about half of whom entered the school as second graders when it opened. The promotion ceremony was held in the Communication Arts Theatre at UW-Parkside; the school's charter was issued by UW-P.

Above, proud father Stephen Ogungbe, takes a picture of his daughter, Faith, alongside 8th grade Social Studies teacher Brian Gaudio, who began his teaching career two years ago, with this year's class. Faith was an honor graduate who received the President's Award for Educational Excellence, having earned a perfect 4.0 record. She moved here from Nigeria in 1998, and entered 21st Century Prep in the third grade. Now she's off to Prairie School.

As the promotion ceremony ended, graduates and guests were treated to a short film incorporating pictures of the students when they were young (er) ... and as they are today. Here are a few examples:


  1. Here is a charter school that works! Congratulations to the students, faculty and parents.

  2. Congrats to all of the 8th grade students at 21st Century! A new journey faces you, but you all will succeed and be great!

    Thanks to all the 7/8th grade teachers! Way to prepare them all.

  3. If so many of the middle school teachers were so great, why were did the school just force them out? Leadership is corrupt. Open your eyes and look at what's actually happening in that place.