June 18, 2009

Is NOT too cold for the beach!

OK, it barely hit the 60s Thursday, and lifeguards said Lake Michigan was in the 50s: too cold for adults to enjoy swimming. But that was plenty warm enough for kids to have lots of fun at North Beach.

There was some swimming and splashing, of course, and lots of running, digging and all the other sand- and beach-based activities that we've been missing for so many months, as summer took its time arriving. But, for these lucky kids anyway, it's here!

Kayli Rossman, 8 1/2, helps Brian Wakefield, 8,
bury his sister, Brittany, 13, in the sand

And then there was dunking...

...and dancing...

...and digging.


  1. You know I can appreciate the cold water on hot days. You just can't run into the water and cool off in Florida. Too warm.

  2. These pictures made me smile :) Adorable, and they look so happy! Note to parents: the beach (and playground) is FREE...take your kids there!!!

  3. Nice photographs and a great way to spend some "free" time.