May 19, 2009

WSJDD? (What Should John Dickert Do?)

John Dickert will be sworn in as Racine's mayor Tuesday night in the Common Council Chambers. Dickert was elected two weeks ago, beating out Rep. Bob Turner by a 55-45 percent margin.

Dickert will serve the final two years of former Mayor Gary Becker's four-year term. Another mayoral election will be held in 2011.

So let's help the new mayor out with some advice (like he hasn't gotten enough of that in the last two weeks).

Post your comments below on what our new mayor should address first. Crime? Jobs? Taxes? City funding for online newspapers? (ha, ha)

Seriously, what deserves the mayor's attention? What should he set aside? Post away ...


  1. You have to love the Racine Post. When writing about a liberal, they use a subtle comparison to Jesus. When Pete writes about the group LiberTEA RAcine, he references a crude sexual act. But there is no bias, just pure detached, objective reporting.

    As for your question, John Dickert should remember that his job is to serve the people of Racine, not the special interests. Easier said than done I am sure.

  2. A few things

    investigate all of Gary Becker's dealings see if any of the sweetheart deals should be refired to law enforcement.
    End any deals with RCEDC, RAMMAC or the DRC. Find a new group to run TIF #1.
    Help small groups of neighbors helping neighbors like Eat Right Racine the Racine Urban Gardening Network and Neighborhood Watch.
    Kill KRM Racine is not really J-Wax's toy
    The number 1 thing is be sure that the good old boys stay the hell out of City Hall

  3. Here's an idea that would benefit the residents and tourism promotion. How about a campaign to clean up the litter that abounds throughout the city and along the country roads. If everyone is so crazy about conservation these days (Hey, that could be a slogan), make sure trash and recycling is contained properly on collection days. Promote personal responsibility for property cleanup (including especially all those fast food businesses). Promote litter pickup training in all schools. Make Racine Pristine!

  4. I know of a few "sweetheart" deals concering the RCEDC. Get rid of this useless bunch -

  5. CIA, CI-cee, CI-Bickey-Bi5/19/2009 10:23 AM

    Get tapes of the CAR25 Doo Wop Diner and Post Prom program and put them on an endless loop and make them available for the CIA to use in lieu of waterboarding.

  6. Finish the 10 year plan and figure out a strategy to help attract business.

    Introduce benchmarks, goals and accountability and make them public. Set out the vision and let the community do what it takes to help get there.

  7. Focus only on Jobs, crime, and housing. Everything else in this budget crisis is superfluous.

  8. Be careful of all the people that will suck up to you very quickly John.

    There are people in city hall that will do it to try and protect their jobs.

    There are people on city council that will do it for their own personal agendas.

    There are people from community organizations that will do it hoping for big handouts.

    It will take a while to see who really is deserving of anything at all - but sucking up should not impress anyone. In fact, I'd stay clear of all suck-ups. If they or their organization were worthwhile enough, they wouldn't have to be sucking up in the first place.

  9. Denis,
    Here's a suggestion. Instead of complaining about what RacinePost is writing about LiberTEA why don't you make sure that the organization is viable and successfully works to achieve its goals. I think your energies would be better spent and you'll be much happier in the end.

  10. Don't spend a penny. Don't buy one new thing. Start cutting costs. Figure out ways to bring in money. When we are getting out of the red, then invite in all the butt kissers and let them have at it.

  11. Show us your 10 year plan!!!!!!!!!

  12. (1) Get rid of your real estate license ASAP(conflict of interest).

    (2) DO NOT appoint a City Administrator to do your work.

    (3) Investigate Gary Becker / SCJ shady closed door tax dealings.

    (4) Don't try and tell city departments what to do until you get a little experience under your belt.

    (5) Don't be a phony hypocrite.

  13. Good luck. Ok - who are the first people to suckup to the new Mayor tonight? Someone spill the beans.

  14. I know you are a democrat that will have a hard time not looking for government grants to solve all of our problems but I hope you pay attention to the real trends and facts that drive growth. see links below,2933,520726,00.html

  15. Require these nameless, gutless blogs to require accurate identification. Way too easy to criticize when you don't have to identify yourself. Such ridiculous thinking on the part of people who actually have the right to vote. That is really pretty scary!

  16. Dear John,
    (Sorry couldn't resist). First off Good Luck, sincerely.

    Now request the books for all department heads. Look for places to enlist 4 Day work week w/o sacrificing vital needs. See what items can be privatized. Allow those near retirement to not be replaced, when possible, or utilize temp workers when it meets the need.

    Ask for a Budget freeze, or even a 10% cut across the board, and then carefully add back in for the most vital requirements of the City.

    This could be mean and lean..but also very productive towards your 10 year plan. If you want jobs, and businesses, and people to invest, and re-invest in our City we have to compete, and lower taxes, and fewer Govt regulations is the answer.

    I would also ask those people who were out volunteering to get you, and Bob, and others elected to continue to volunteer and work to improve the city with their own efforts.

  17. Gee Denis, go have a cup of tea and give it a rest (tea bag optional).

  18. Denis has a point. You can mock and pretend he is being sensitive. But just wait until someone talks negative about Dickert, unions, welfare or KRM. Then the whiners come out in force.