May 26, 2009

Tech company proposes wireless for North Beach and Festival Hall

The company that brought wireless Internet to Monument Square is looking to expand the service along Racine's waterfront.

TC3 Telecom, 3701 Durand Ave., wants permission from the city to add wireless access points at North Beach, Reef Point Harbor, the Root River near Pugh Marina and the area around Festival Hall.

Dan Byers, president of TC3 Telecom, is scheduled to appear before the Civic Centre Commission on Wednesday to present his plan.

In a letter to the city, Byers said the proposal will not cost the city money. He plans to pay for the service with donations and advertising on the service's web page, which will pop up when people log on. Byers added he'd even pay the city for the electricity needed to run the wireless service.

Byers needs city permission to mount wireless routers on North Beach's beach house, Festival Hall and a light post at the end of Pershing Drive.

RAMAC's Racine Technology Organization would manage the system.


  1. Other then "RAMAC's Racine Technology Organization would manage the system." sounds like a good idea. He may not see the $ from ads he thinks he will but he is risking the funds not the Public.
    Best of luck

  2. What's the cities cut of the "profits" or tax, like I pay for cable ??

  3. Your cut or the cities cut from Time Warner is about 600K. ATT pays something too but I do not know how much.
    Note CAR 25 sees only about 10% of the 600K the rest goes to the big black hole

  4. So what is WI-FI tax ??

  5. That is something the state sucks in

  6. WIFI tax? Everything printed indicates it is a free service. It will need donations just to get running and keep running. Even this state can find a way to tax free. Last I check at least. The State budget isn't done yet, maybe Madison will find a way to tax free too.

  7. Why would any of you bring taxes up? Something really good could come to the city and first thing out is the topic of taxes.........
    It's WiFi, I assume the guy knows what he's doing since he's done it before.
    The amount from ads could be pretty substantial and if it is it will be income and it will get taxed as such.

  8. Kay

    As you can see taxes are on everyone's mind. We pay too much for everything.
    12:09 wanted to know what WI-FI tax is and what it goes for.
    4:40 was confused about that as well.
    My understanding is that the company will run the risk of this investment. Yes he will pay taxes on money he may make.
    Too high of taxes since this is Wisconsin.
    I too would like to know where does the WI- FI tax goes

  9. I bet Jim Doyle and his capitalist cronies are plotting how to tax the internet's

  10. Capitalist cronies?
    And you would rather it be, what, socialist cronies?
    Communist cronies?
    Anarchist cronies?
    Get a life, or at least a job.

  11. Taxes are not on everyone's minds. They were not on mine when I first read this article and they weren't when I got this morning.
    A small group of highly motivated people keep using that tax ruse as a way to make people upset when there is nothing to be upset over. They stir the pot because they are miserable crap heads and want everyone else to be miserable.
    When you figure out how to get out of paying taxes you can start working on how to get out of dying. Then be sure to get back to us...

  12. People get upset because there is a formula - something starts out free or close to it, then - over time - one person from some economic development outfit or another gets involved, then a team gets involved, then outside consultants are brought in - and suddenly the free thing is going to cost $1.8 million.

  13. "The amount from ads could be pretty substantial and if it is it will be income and it will get taxed as such."


    you only make decent money for ads if you have a huge amount of traffic. and he said popups so most of those are blocked.

    most people have all ads blocked anyways.