May 29, 2009

Festival Park concert lacks only an audience

What if they gave a concert and nobody came?

Well, it would be pretty discouraging -- as it was Friday night at Festival Park, for the Racine Civic Center's Music for the Halibut Fish Frydays concert.

The music rocked: Chris Crush, lead singer of the band Permacrush, performed solo, left, singing covers of Led Zeppelin and others and putting on a fine show. All he needed was an audience.

Granted, this was just the second outing of the Civic Center's new concert series; but for a community that supposedly mourns the loss of HarborFest ... well, a little support would be nice. Crush deserved far more than the audience of a few dozen who came for the fish fry ($9.95) or just for the concert ($3).

Civic Center director Rik Edgar took it all in stride, realizing that it takes time to build an audience for anything new. He promises more excitement in weeks to come. There will be no Music for the Halibut next Friday -- to avoid any conflict with Downtown's First Friday -- but the concert series / fish fry will resume on June 12, with a concert by Stereo Deluxe. You can get a preview of their music on the Civic Center's Facebook page.

Edgar also has something special up his sleeve ... a new mascot for the concert series. Look for public appearances around town by Hal the Halibut. The full schedule of Friday concerts can be found here.

There's also a free concert next week. VenuWorks, the company hired by the city to manage the Civic Center, is presenting a free admission concert next Sunday to complement the Hot Rod Power Tour that will bring close to 4,000 hod rods Downtown. Harley Davidson show bikes will be on display, there'll be food on sale and the band Last Call Trio will play. And did we mention there's no admission charge? Yes, we did, but it always bears repeating.


  1. Sorry no one was there but maybe no one knew it was there.
    You have to do way more then the J-T that few read or WRJN that I call the Radio Station of the Dead.
    A Web page better then the one the City has for them
    A Paid Ad in the Post
    A Paid ad in the Milwaukke/Kenosha Papers
    Ad on a Radio station that well people not Zombies hear
    Maybe just Maybe try some WEB 2.0 ideas such as a Podcast

    I know Jim tried doing some of those ideas however my understanding is The City (read DRC) did not care for it.

  2. I went to the first Music for the Halibut on May 22, and it was great. Great band, great food, unfortunately few people. I plan to go back.

  3. I never heard about it... maybe I am blind, but I never saw any fliers downtown, and if it was posted on the JT, I never saw it. That site is a flippin mess.

  4. 4:15

    As long as fools run the marketing for events downtown no one will know.
    Too bad The Downtown dopes not do more with Dave Blank he and his staff rock out!!!

  5. I agree Anon 7:43. Why not put up some signs around town. No one I know reads JT. They need serious help on promotion. Local gathering places need to have this information. Fliers, free coupons, drawings for free entry, this will let people know what is happening. Shame that artist didn't get the audience he could have had.

  6. Who knew? My daughter works downtown and never knew. We would have loved to have come for the fish fry, brews and some music. If they know, they will come. No one to blame but the organizers who didn't.

  7. Woopee, some marginally talented rocker disturbing the peace. Who cares

  8. This has been publicized for the past few weeks, in the JT's, on their website, on the radio and posters around town. Maybe a few of you should get your heads out of the sand. Rik has done a good job of promoting this event. Many of you have complained about the lack of festivals - well now you have your chance to take in some music, food, the lake and some fun. Please get out and support Rik's efforts. He is trying to offer some new reasonable fun and entertainment - now he just needs you.

  9. I did read about this event and thought it might be something I would drive all the way to the far side of the county for......then I checked out the music online and decided it wouldn't be something I would enjoy dining to.
    Keep in mind I have everything Led Zep ever came out with as well as all Pink Floyd's work.
    But, to dine with? No, and I'm too old to deal with what I thought would be the crowd that would be there.