March 26, 2009

Sturtevant Village Board candidate Chris Larsen offers business experience; opposes KRM

Chris Larsen
Age: 40
Occupation: Traffic Manager, Butter Buds Food Ingredients, Racine
Previous public service: First Time running for office
Education: 1986 graduate of Horlick High School
Web site:

Why I am running for Sturtevant Village Board?

As a village resident for four years, I have a balanced understanding of what is needed in the village from my own observation, from attending Board and Committee meetings and talking with other residents. Part of my employment is to gather information and make decisions that will positively impact the business. I would bring these same skills to the village board. This is a challenging time for local governments and now more than ever Sturtevant needs fresh ideas with common sense. Residents need someone who will listen to them and advocate for them. My decisions would be based on what is best for the future of Sturtevant.

What I consider the biggest issues facing the village:

Insuring that Sturtevant remains a destination for business growth while preserving the small town neighborhood feeling people get when they move here. We must have a balance between what suits the business community and what will impact residents who have also invested in the village by planting roots here.

Sturtevant is a vibrant and independent village and must remain that way. While some consolidation in the past might have been necessary, any future encroachments must be viewed as what will be best for the village, not just the bottom line.

It is possible to be a village on the move while honoring and protecting the village’s traditions from the past.

I fully agree with and support the Village Board’s stand on the KRM.


  1. I'd vote for you! GO CHRIS!

  2. Urban Pioneer3/27/2009 11:32 AM

    Good luck Chris...Sorry I can't vote for you I live in Racine, but I urge all of u in Chris's area who want to control spending, and at least postpone the KRM for a few years, until we can afford it. I can tell you the "needy" liberals who want to build this train so they can ride it 4 times a year to Chicago..(BTW you notice no one ever mentions the ride to Milwaukee??),These Mass transit Welfare junkies are just so geeked up to ride a 1930's railroad. If you want Racine and Sturtevant to grow we need to be a LOW TAX island between Chicago and Milwaukee. YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT!

  3. Chris is right KRM SUCKS