February 11, 2009

Eight arrested by gang task force

A massive law enforcement sting resulted in eight arrests Tuesday in Racine.

Officers, deputies and agents nabbed eight of nine targeted individuals on federal charges. The FBI headed up the Greater Racine Gang Safe Streets Task Force.

Large amounts of cash, marijuana packaged for sale and some crack cocaine were seized in the raids. Those arrested included:

Timothy Brewer
Larry Ellison Sr
Mark Etinne
Gertrude Gordon
Shandrika Gordon
Tarvis Gordon
Charnelle Hicks
James Higginbottom
Brenton Burnette-Johnson
Darnel King
Johnny Mares
Michael Tucker
Donald Wilson

Racine police are still looking for Kye Bass, of Racine.

Local police departments, the Sheriff's department, the DA's office, the FBI, the Department of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco, the State Patrol and the US Attorney's office were all involved with the bust.


  1. Thank you to all the law enforcement agencies that participated in these arrests. Keep up the good work. People, if you know someone dealing drugs, weapons, etc. call your local law enforcement agency and report them. Let's do our part in cleaning up our community.

  2. Why is there so much Blacktivity in Racine?

  3. We have a very dedicated and committed police force in the City of Racine. Same goes for the other agencies in our area. It's great they can work together with the federal agencies to get gangbangers, druggies, and other scum off the streets. To the officers of the Racine Police Department and to Chief Wahlen and all of your staff - great job! Same to all the other agencies, too.

  4. 8 down, a few thousand more to go.

  5. Just wait until it gets warm outside. With the economy and lack of jobs in the area, this will be one of the worst years on record for crime, so don't be alarmed this summer.

  6. Blacktivity? The racism here never stops amazing me.

  7. Just because you read of one INTERAGENCY bust here in Racine, don't kid yourself that our Racine police officers are doing all they can get drug dealers off our streets. If the FBI, ATF and Sheriff's Dept. weren't involved here, I don't think this bust would have taken place.
    In the past year-and-a-half I have called the police and the Racine Special Investigations Unit three times and reported drugs being sold out one of my apartment buildings; I even had video tape avialable to them, and they did NOTHING!!! They wouldn't even investigate it, look at the tape, or even respond when I told them the crime was on-going as we were speaking on the phone.
    On top of that, twice in the past year my tenants have called 9-1-1 and the police never even showed up.
    Sitting in a restaurant last week one of the waitresses was complaining about crime in her apartment building and when asked why she doesn't call the police, her response was, "Why bother? They never show up, anyway."
    We have some pretty outstanding sergeants and lieutenants on our police department, but the vast majority of the lower ranking officers and the top dog (Wahlen) aren't worth the powder to blow them to Hedes!

  8. I had the same experience with the Racine cops. They don't care, or they are chicken. One of them recently said to me "Racine is changing and it ain't for the better." Yeah, this is the kind of thing I like hearing from our cops. It instills real confidence.

  9. Blacktivity? It doesn't stop there. There seems to be just as many white low-lifes and Hispanic low-lifes in this town as there are black ones (probably even more based on the percentages). And this is coming from a white guy, so all you racists don't get your panties in a bunch over this statement. The REAL problem is an ineffectual police department and a town council that just thinks throwing money at the problem is going to make it go away. Well it ain't!

  10. it never seem's to amaze me how fast a person is to judge another without knowing the facts.We are in a very bad state in 2009,and for some find ourselves doing or at lease participating in non normal situations.Drugs hands down has destroyed our community and disunited us as a people,but so has the racist attitude of the white community,and I say RACIST instead of PREJUDICE only because one could have a preset opinion about another person but still will allow the opportunity for correction of ones belief by inner acting with the person.A RACIST is firm set in their belief,thus giving way to unfair treatment in employment,housing,loans,and profiling of a certain race,thinking that by dening a certain race the opportunity to employment,housing,loans etc that they are doing their race some justice.Police are just as corrupt as the next person,they are human just like us only they hide behind a badge and a gun and have a better union that is just as corrupt as them.So no matter if you cheat on your taxes,back bite to others about another individual, buy or sell drugs,drive drunk,or deny others,it is still wrong.If we want to make this world a better place,then its time to start helping not just your community,but all communities in need,and that first starts with FAIR TREATMENT,FAIR EMPLOYMENT,FAIR HOUSING and freedom of the wrong belief that it is only one race that is not worthy of anyones help.