February 13, 2009

Property Transfers: The $10,000 deal

1305 Grand Ave.

Here are this week's property transfers:
Property Tranfers, Feb. 2-6
No big sales this week. The biggest in the city was a home on Steeplechase Drive for $177,000. The biggest in the county was a home in Waterford for $420,000.

The deal of the week may have been a foreclosed home at 1305 Grand Ave. Records show the sale price at $10,000. Not bad for a home listed at $51,000.


  1. It looks like a quite decent house, don't know about the neighborhood but for 10 grand? WOW!

  2. Gotta be a craphole inside.

  3. So, did someone or family just lose it's life savings?

    Did a landlord buy it so as to make money off the poor?

    Did a tradgedy lead to someone losing everyhting?

    How much had been paid to a bank by those that lost it?

    Capitalism sucks for the poor - but socialized capitalism is great for the haves.

  4. A sign of what the monopoloy capitalism of the world is doing - besides bankrupting nations...