November 19, 2008

Walden III takes 1st place in Academic Decathlon

Walden III School took first place in the United States Academic Decathlon Monday, Nov. 10, at Gateway Technical College. Walden III competed against Washington Park High School and Kenosha Bradford High School.

Academic areas that were covered include: math, economics, art, music, social science and language and literature. Students competed as a nine-person team and by grade point average. Walden III was represented by two teams. Team one consisted of: Kiefer Baker, Sam Braun, Lucas Breit-Nicholson, Armand Grabowski, Jeremiah Jeffery, Caracal Keithrafferty, Rachel Pettit, Theresa Schmidt and Beau Wishner. Team two was represented by: Sabrine Ali, Bill Justus, Chris Roberts, Eric Sahakian-Fiegel and A.J. Stibbe.

Walden III will now move on to the regional competition in Waukesha. The school has advanced to the regional competition each of the last eight years and has gone on to the state competition in Madison three times in the last seven years.


  1. WONDERFUL! Congratulations to these teams and coaches. Of course the JT won't cover this as they fawn over the sports teams, but this is a great achievement that at least the Racine Post covered.

  2. Thanks so much for publishing this story. These kids work so hard, even during summer vacation! Also, thanks to Tom Feeney, their adviser, for dedicating his time.

  3. congtars to james anthony mcdonnell< ps ur name is not keithrafferty. & congtats caracal! way to go

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