November 19, 2008

Rebate processor's bankruptcy may affect you

Bad news for those of you waiting for cash rebates.

You might be in rebate limbo. A major national rebate processor, who works for many national retail chains and brands -- Bed, Bath and Beyond; Home Depot; Menard's; Canon; Costco; Abbot Labs among them -- filed for bankruptcy this week.

What that means is that your rebate may not be on the way after all, or that check you got last week -- yes, that check still sitting in your wallet or purse -- may bounce when you deposit it, adding bad check fees to your loss of the rebate.

We got this unwelcome news from a local reader, who pointed us to this detailed story laying out the gory details -- and what you can do about the situation, maybe. You do have all your receipts, right? Good luck.

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