November 9, 2008

Now, Wall Street Journal beats the drum for Ryan

"Ordinarily, we would not insert ourselves into the internal debate over party leadership," the Wall Street Journal opined Saturday -- since when? -- "But in the current political and economic climate, it is important that somebody offer an effective argument against the interventionist, antigrowth conventional wisdom that dominates the majority party in Congress."

And who might that be? Why, none other than our own 1st District Congressman, Republican Paul Ryan, darling of the fiscal conservatives. "Paul Ryan seems to be the right man to make the case," says the Journal, joining those already promoting Ryan as House Minority Leader.

The Journal especially likes Ryan because he manages to win re-election in Racine County, which "voted for Barack Obama, 53%-46%, but still voted to re-elect Mr. Ryan 62%-37%. He is, in other words, a politician practiced in speaking to and winning over voters who are not necessarily die-hard Republicans."

You can read the rest of their paen of praise -- "fresh face," "effective communicator on television," "far-sighted Road Map for America's Future," and so on -- HERE.

Alas for the Journal, Ryan already has said he's not interested, citing family concerns. And in response to the WSJ's push Saturday, his press secretary, Conor Sweeney, said he's still not seeking the House leadership post. "While there remains vocal support for Congressman Ryan to lead the House Republicans, the constraints the House minority leader position would place on his family remain," Sweeney said.


  1. Ryan has shown by his support of the bailout that he is a RHINO!
    Move to the Democratic party! We need no rhinos here

  2. StopthemadnessNOW11/10/2008 10:03 PM

    This just shows that the brain trust at the WS Journal doesn't live in Wisconsin's 1st Congressional district. If Paul Ryan is worth touting as the "future" of the GOP, then the ol' party has little future indeed.

    Here's the issue: Up until about a year and a half ago, Paul Ryan was as good a Bush administration loyalist as could be found. He marched in lock step on everything -- health care, infrastructure, education, taxes. Then this past year, he's been painting himself as a reformer, fer cryin' out loud. At best, our Congressman is disingenuous. At worst..well, draw your own conclusions.

  3. Wake up and smell the reality guys - Paul is conservative, effective, and wildly popular. He won Racine with more votes than Obama got.