October 22, 2008

Hope for Republicans in an unlikely place

Democrats are quietly worrying that huge leads in the polls for Barack Obama could effect down-ballot races in the state.

Dems are trying to take control of the state Assembly this fall, but they'll need a surge of support to make up their seven-seat deficit.

Obama looked like a winning ticket, but now that he appears to be in control in Wisconsin, his supporters are focusing on swing states like Indiana and Ohio. The state party is trying to maintain momentum, but that could be tough if Obama continues to roll.

Their hope? The polls tighten between now and Nov. 4. Their reasoning? A McCain resurgence will force Dems to the polls.

If Dems do grab the Assembly and hold the Senate, look for KRM to pass. But don't necessarily expect health-care reform. If Obama is serious about his plan, the state may hang back and let the Feds take the lead on some form of universal health care.

If McCain wins, a Dem-controlled government would probably pass some form of expanded health care for all.


  1. If The Son of God wins expect higher taxes more taxes less jobs.
    Higher min wage less jobs.
    KRM higher taxes consultants get rich.
    Gas prices go up heating bills sky rocket.
    Yes the Son of GOD will do so much for this country!

    I do hope that he puts Rev Wright in charge of a group to look into AIDS and the role of the US Government.

  2. "expanded healthcare for all" = government run healthcare

  3. StopthemadnessNOW10/23/2008 10:38 PM

    Your analysis is probably correct. However, I'm not so sure that what happens at the top of the ticket is repeated further down the ballot. Wisconsinites are notorious ticket splitters. Remember that despite the enormous popularity of Republican Tommy Thompson, the GOP never carried the presidential race in the state throughout his governorship.

  4. Obama is just a smooth talker, and American's will learn this the hard way. He has promised so much change, but what change is he going to make? Taxing small businesses?

  5. Well, your concerns were unfounded. Obama won. Now we get to watch the next 3 years to see where it goes from here. I say three years b/c he'll need to run for President at that point once again as the incumbent.