October 22, 2008

Endorsement by editorial cartoon?

The twisting of Sen. Barack Obama's desire to roll back tax cuts given to the wealthiest Americans took a nasty local tone today, thanks to the editorial "cartoon" in the Journal Times.

If we're going to have a discussion of socialism, shouldn't we be discussing the Secretary of the Treasury's forced nationalization of major U.S. banks? Not to mention the disposition of the rest of the $700 billion of taxpayers' money.

Let's leave this kind of one-sided, half-assed character assassination to attack dogs like Sarah Palin (who, it now turns out, according to a story in the same issue of the Journal Times as the cartoon here, took $21,000 of Alaska's money to bring her children to events around the country that had nothing to do with them) and John McCain's BFF, Joe the plumber (who really isn't one).

Meanwhile, it's interesting (to me, anyway) to wait on tenterhooks for the Journal Times' actual presidential endorsement -- if indeed the newspaper will come clean and make one this year, or just stick to scurrilous editorial cartoons. So far, according to newspaper industry watchdog Editor and Publisher, U.S. newspapers have been coming out for Obama in record numbers: the last count shows 102 endorsements for the Democrat (including such surprises as the Chicago Tribune, which never before in its history backed a Democrat) vs. 32 for Republican John McCain. That one-sidedness is a big change from 2004, when Kerry barely edged Bush, 213 to 205. (Of course, we all know how that turned out.)

If the JT is going to endorse, it had better hurry. (Pssst! The election is in less than two weeks!) The local paper hasn't always been this reticent to declare itself. In 2000, the paper endorsed Al Gore. In 2004 it came out for John Kerry. Well, sort of: the first 11 paragraphs of the endorsement editorial spelled out President Bush's failings; only the last four were a lukewarm Kerry endorsement ("...in all honesty, we were not overly impressed initially...").


  1. Funny how you still take a check from the JT but rip them every chance you get......

    We know the RP carries the water from the Messiah, and will be renamed "Pravda Post" once we are all "Red States"

    The cartoon hits it right on the head, and Rep Bachmann had it right as well.

  2. Once again the Racine Post proves itself as a far left rag.
    I used to look forward to reading the Post to find out news the J-T would not touch such as Point Blue.
    Now just another in the bag rag for the Son of God.

  3. Two thoughts:
    What's with this editorial "cartoon" business? Are you saying this isn't really an editorial cartoon, but some sort of editorial cartoon poseur?

    And as for your other commenters, I absolutely cannot take seriously their sarcastic attempts to smear Barack Obama as "the Messiah" and "the Son of God" after all these decades of Republican candidates -- Palin and Bachmann among them -- purporting to be divinely inspired to carry out the Will Of God On Earth.

  4. The cartoon hits it right on the head, and Rep Bachmann had it right as well.

    Apparently, hits it right on the head means, "does not understand Obama's tax plan or Marxism."

    Fortunately, information on Obama's plan is readily available.