September 9, 2008

Krupp wins right to challenge Ryan in 1st District

Late results give Marge Krupp of Pleasant Prairie the victory in the Democrats' 1st Congressional District race, winning the right to oppose Republican U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan in November.

We've updated these results through Tuesday evening. The county totals come from the various county clerks, and the overall total from WTMJ. The state won't canvass the partial totals and officially declare a winner until Sept. 20. The county totals below don't equal WTMJ's totals because precincts in Milwaukee County and Waukesha County haven't yet posted their results online.

WTMJ reports 100% of the votes tallied:
Marge Krupp 5,832
Paulette Garin 5,015
Mike Hebert 4,315
John Mogk 655
Racine County reports:
Mike Hebert 941
Paulette Garin 1,259
John Mogk 133
Marge Krupp 1,492
Complete Racine County results -- all parties, precincts and local races -- are here. The summary is here.

Rock County reports:
Paulette Garin 606
John Mogk 51
Marge Krupp 686
Mike Hebert 238
Kenosha County reports:
Mike Hebert 2,289
Marge Krupp 2,126
Paulette Garin 2,191
John Mogk 287
Walworth County reports:
Marge Krupp 329
Mike Hebert 197
Paulette Garin 262
John Mogk 25


  1. How did WTMJ get those totals? Not from adding the indiviual counties.

  2. The county totals don't equal WTMJ's totals because of precincts in Milwaukee County and Waukesha County that are not online.

    Sorry, should have made that clear in the story, but have been too busy trying to keep up with the counties that ARE posting results through the evening!

  3. Now when might we read the stories on Krupp being sued by one of her consultants? A