September 10, 2008

Going to a HS football game: A lot like flying?

It's a sign of the times, but going to a football game at Racine Unified will soon be a lot like going through a U.S. airport:

No carry-ons, no liquids, bring photo ID, you're subject to search, that sort of thing. For a high school football game! Maybe they should hire some TSA inspectors?

We know: It's nothing personal and for our own safety, but still...

Here's the list of Unified's new "spectator policies"for Case, Horlick and Park High Schools:
-- Spectators may be subject to a visual search prior to entering the stadium.
-- Spectators should be ready to show a form of picture identification.
-- Large bags or backpacks are not allowed into the stadium.
-- Carry-ins of food and beverage are not allowed into the stadium.
-- Loitering on the grounds and parking lots is prohibited.
-- Once a spectator leaves the grounds, they are not allowed back in.
Ticket Sales will begin at 6 p.m. Adults and Students, $4; Non-School-Age Children and Senior Citizens, $2.

And here's Unified's final policy:

"And, of course, spectators should enjoy the game and show sportsmanship at all times."

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