August 21, 2008

Ryan snubbed by GOP's national convention?

It looks like Rep. Paul Ryan has gone from a potential vice president to watching the GOP's national convention from the floor, and not the stage. At this point, the rising star in the Republican Party doesn't have a speech at the convention in St. Paul next month. That's a step backward for Ryan, who did speak (and speak well) at the 2004 convention.

Listen to the speech here. (Surprisingly, I couldn't find it on YouTube.)


  1. This is BS.

    Ryan had no plans to be VP and I know that for a fact...

  2. No offense here but anyone who is going to look "too young" isn't going to be up on stage at the GOP. Anyone that is going to show up McCain's age is not going to play a roll. It IS too bad that he was snubbed, I do think it was by design. He is a good speaker. Not all speakers are going for VP Anon.

    He was introduced by aging and overweight McReynolds who is a poor speaker when he came to Racine. Ryan would have been a dang good speaker to have at the Racine rally.

    Just shows that you can be qualified but if you look young this time around, you are toast.