August 17, 2008

Man drowns from boat off North Beach

UPDATE: WTMJ 620 AM is reporting the victim was 42-year-old formerRacine Police Officer Marco Rodriguez. (A link to the story isn't working.)

A man drowned off North Beach early this morning.

According to the Racine Police Department, the man was one of six persons in a boat owned by a Racine County Sheriff's Deputy. At least one other Racine County employee was on board the boat, which was off shore near North Beach. Racine Police responded to a 911 all at 3:19 a.m.

Police said:

"The victim had jumped into the water to swim, and shortly after entering the water, began to struggle. One of the other occupants of the boat jumped into the water in an effort to keep the victim above water, but was unable to and was being pulled under by the victims’ struggles. The other occupants of the boat were able to pull the rescuer back onto the boat, and the victim slipped under the water and could not be relocated by the boat occupants. At that time, 911 was called.

"At about 6 a.m. the victims’ body was pulled from the water approximately 120 feet from where he was believed to have gone into the water. There is an autopsy scheduled to further the investigation, and the identification of the victim is being withheld at this time, until family has been notified. According to investigators, the initial interviews were consistent and no foul play is suspected in this unfortunate incident."

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