August 9, 2008

Ryan gets an award he's unlikely to cherish

Milwaukee's Shepherd Express singled out Rep. Paul Ryan, R-1st District, WI, for an award this week ... one that's unlikely to show up in any of his campaign ads.

It's a shared award: Ryan and Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-5th District, WI, were given it together.

They're both Shepherd Express' Jerk of the Week.

Here's Shepherd's complete announcement, from their Aug. 7 issue:
In just one week, this dynamic duo opposed allowing the FDA to regulate tobacco products, voted against requiring the government to curb excessive speculation in the oil futures market, opposed a bill that would make higher education more affordable, and voted no on a bill that would empower women who earn less than their male counterparts.


  1. Well Racine Post you have now received the award of being The Racine Journal Times Lite.
    I hoped for so much better.

  2. "Jerk of the Week" is an understatement.

  3. The Shepard there's an unbiased publication without an angenda......NOT! Considering the source of the award, I am not surprised.
    Colt, well said.