July 16, 2008

You want a latte or a share of LEE stock?

Read it and weep: $2.99 a share (click to enlarge)

At 10:38 this morning, stock in Lee Enterprises, parent of the Journal Times, broke through the $3 barrier. Some 31,530 shares sold for $2.99 apiece, before the stock recovered and climbed 12 cents per share over its opening of $3.23.

There's no special significance to the $3 figure, of course -- not when you consider the stock already has lost 84% in the past year, and 91% over the past five years. But it's still a price I never thought I'd see. Meanwhile, other newspaper companies also are suffering...


  1. Still isn't as worthless as Western Publishing stock ended up to be, as I recall something around .34

  2. Hey Pete,
    Where are you buying $2.99 lattes?

  3. Dang. I sure wish I would have dumped this stock when it was $37 a share. I have tons of it!