July 17, 2008

Garin gets Dems' top spot on primary ballot

Paulette Garin came out on top yesterday, when the State Elections Board determined the order candidates' names will appear on the Sept. 9 primary ballot in the 1st District's Congressional race.

The order listed is as follows:
1. Paulette Garin, Democrat
2. John Mogk, Democrat
3. Marge Krupp, Democrat
4. Mike Hebert, Democrat
1. Paul Ryan, Republican
1. Joseph Kexel, Libertarian
Damned if I know why Ryan and Kexel will be on the primary ballot, since neither has any opposition within their own party.

The real 1st District news of note is that Mike Hebert is still in the race at all.

Christopher Sodergren-Barr, campaign manager for Marge Krupp challenged Hebert's right to be on the ballot, saying his nomination papers did not have the election's correct date, and his nominee signatures' addresses did not note whether they were in cities, villages or towns.

The State Government Accountability Board dismissed the complaint after a few minutes' deliberation Wednesday. Board member William Eich, according to the Kenosha News, called the mistakes "harmless."

The Kenosha News also reported on the candidates' fund-raising, including a catfight between Krupp and Garin over whether the cost of personal items -- money spent on a dress worn during the campaign, and on teeth whitening strips -- ought to be counted as campaign expenses. If you really must, you can read the sordid details HERE.

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  1. It takes two for a cat fight. Krupp showed real class by not taking the "bait' of accusing Garin of anything.