June 7, 2008

Sphere Madness, garden division

As Sphere Madness takes over Downtown, it's also represented in the garden.

This allium popped out of my wife's garden, rising on a stalk more than four feet tall, a single white bloom of intriguing intricacy. At least to my eyes.

Wikipedia says allium "is the onion genus, with about 1,250 species, making it one of the largest plant genera in the world. They are perennial bulbous plants that produce chemical compounds (mostly cystein sulfoxide) that give them a characteristic onion or garlic taste and odor, and many are used as food plants."

I don't know any of that. Just that we have the one white one, and a few dozen pretty purple blooms that may or may not be allium 'gladiator.'

There's no hidden significance to this post, just a pretty picture from the garden.

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