June 26, 2008

Property Transfers: Total 24 sells for $1.2 million

The Total 24 gas station at 930 Washington Ave. was sold twice this past month. It's not clear from the documents what transpired. What is clear is that the gas station and convenience store sold for $1 million and again for $1.2 million on June 17.

Bulk Petroleum Corp transfered the property to Mohammad Maqbool, and Maqbool then transfered the business to NYS Alliance Inc., which then moved the property to Syed Makhails Inc. To further complicate matters, Syed Makhails Inc. then granted a mortgage note to American Enterprise Bank, and Bulk Petroleum Corp filed a "Satisfaction" with Daya Sing and Gurdial Inc.

Based on the records, it appears the gas station was sold twice and ended up with Syed Makhails Inc. What's not clear is what this means for the occassionally troubled establishment. I covered a murder at Total 24 a few years back, and the gas station was forced to cut its hours in recent years. If anyone has insight on this transaction, please get in touch.

And here's one more interesting detail: The property was assessed at $710,000 in 2007.

Here's all of the property transfers from last week.


  1. Bulk Petroleum is a very shady company located in Mequon, WI. The company is run by Darshan Dhaliwal who recently gave UW-Parkside a $5 million gift on top of multiple other cash gifts over the years. Just do a Yahoo/Google search on him or Bulk Petroleum and you will see just how shady he and his company are. I would venture a guess that the transfer was to avoid some sort of pending litigation or claims against the property.

  2. I don't know about "shady," but he has been very generous to Parkside ... and the company has been involved in litigation. Our earlier story is HERE.

  3. Thank you for providing the link to the original story. That was the one I was referring to.

    I would consider the allegations mentioned in your article to be shady/deceptive business practices assuming they are true.

    Their website still shows them as being for sale: http://www.total24.com/