June 22, 2008


View from the top of the big yellow slide

Greek Fest is much more than great food, good music and carnival rides -- but you couldn't prove it by us.

We stopped out at the festival of the Kimissis Greek Orthodox Church this weekend for our annual "fix" of authentic Baklava and Saganaki (flaming cheese, to you). And lamb, chicken, shishkebob, falafel ... and let's not forget the honey puffs.

Cannot forget the honey puffs. Made right before your eyes. Six for $3 or just $5 for a Baker's Dozen. The problem with the larger order is that I'd eat them all, so I try to exert a little willpower up front, before biting down on my first honey puff. Yum!

Hundreds of volunteers cook for weeks to prepare for the annual fundraising event. And this year their efforts were well-rewarded, with mostly wonderful weather.

Here are some shots from Sunday, before the short afternoon rain. Any sticky fingerprints are not my fault; blame 'em on the honey puffs.

Tilt-a-Whirl is always a crowd-pleaser

They don't call it 'flaming cheese' for nothing...

Enough chicken for ya?

Making those delicious honey puffs


I want to dance like the big kids

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