June 10, 2008

Floodwaters recede; now the work begins

The Root River's receding (track it HERE). Many streets that were under water Monday are now dry, or almost dry. The air is filled with the sound of generators and pumps.

Homeowners, allowed to return to their homes, meet in small groups to compare and commiserate. Water that was up to the first floor is now only knee high in some basements. One of the questions they ask each other: "Did you have flood insurance?" For many, the answer is "no." It cost too much, they say... $1,200 or so. Now, in retrospect, it seems like a good idea.

For many, the power still isn't on, so there's no electricity, clean water or toilets. The pumps are all running off generators, or gasoline. Police are still stationed around the hardest-hit neighborhoods, both to keep unwary drivers out of danger and also to prevent any looting attempts at vacant homes.

Here are a few pictures taken Tuesday afternoon, from some of the same areas we photographed Monday (See HERE.) Clearly, the water is down. It's most noticeable in the picture at the top of this post, from the intersection of Spring Street and Island Avenue. Yesterday, that retaining wall by the bridge was totally under water.

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