June 8, 2008

Feingold for VP?

OK, we've had lots of fun with the Paul Ryan for VP movement (?) on the Republican side of the aisle, if only John McCain would listen to the chattering pundits.

Now here's a suggestion that's equally not gonna fly: Sen. Russ Feingold, D-WI, for VP on the Barack Obama ticket.

Here it is verbatim from Kay's Blue Racine blog:
"Don't you think that Feingold would be the perfect VP? After eight years he would still be young and vital enough to run for President. He actually read the Patriot Act. He would be no doubt the most popular among Obama's base. He's Jewish so that would really toss the whole Muslim crappola out the window for the Swiftboaters. I hope Obama doesn't take some woman just because she is a woman -- ye, Gods: Phyllis Shlafly is a woman and look at what she is like! No Pelosi: not after her famous 'impeachment is off the table speech.' "
So far, just three comments -- but they're all favorable! Can we classify it as a groundswell?


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  2. Have you ever read that hateful vulgur site?

    Frankly I don;t know how you can link to it, or give it any serious credibility at all.

    One seriously deranged hate pundit has an idea and you take it seriously.

    Shame on you.