May 12, 2008

Graham's parents traveled far...

Considering that Pomeranians are named for the Pomerania region in Western Europe -- today part of eastern Germany and northern Poland -- and Eskimos come from Alaska... well, we might wonder how Graham's parents got together. Not to mention the fact that Pomeranians are considered a "toy" breed because of their small size, while Eskimos run quite a bit larger.

Nonetheless, meet Graham, an Eskimo/Pommeranian mix one way or another. A small to medium-sized two-year-old male, Graham is outgoing and friendly. He'd fit best in a family with children six years old or older.

He's available from the Countryside Humane Society, 2706 Chicory Road, or call (262) 554-6699.

Our previous dog looking for a home, Stewi, has found one, and will be a young man's best friend.

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