May 14, 2008

City moves to eliminate treasurer, give job to city clerk

City Clerk Janice Johnson-Martin may be getting a new title - and a bump in pay.

At a Finance Commitee meeting this week, Finance Director David Brown proposed merging the city's clerk and treasurer positions into a single position. Under the proposal, Johnson-Martin would become City Clerk/Treasury Manager and a new position, assistant city clerk/treasury manager would be created.

Johnson-Martin's pay level would be bumped from NR14 to NR15 (NR stands for non-represented) in recognition of the additional work she'll be taking on. That amounts to about a $2 per hour raise, Brown said. The new assistant position would replace the treasurer and be knocked down from NR12 to NR11. Because the treasurer position is being eliminated, the change should save the city money, Brown said.

The Finance Committee unanimously approved the change, which goes to the full council for final approval.

Johnson-Martin is the second-highest ranked minority in city government behind Donnie Snow, who heads the parks, recreation and cultural services department.


  1. Everytime anyone mentions race, like here, we prolong racism!!!!!!! That "TIDBIT" HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STORY!!!!!!! CUT IT OUT.

  2. Prio, Relax and don't lean on your ! key.

    Efficient, effective, this lady knows her stuff.

    Congratulations to the city for looking within.

  3. JJ is the best clerk this city has had in a long time. Keep up the great work. Congrats on the new job. You deserved the raise long before that thou.

  4. Janice doesn't know her stuff, like you think she does. Efficient and effective - no.

  5. Two bucks an hour more is not a huge bump in pay, so sounds like a good propostition. It sounds like she has fans too so that says something.